The new Model 3 goes on sale in October!

The Tesla has officially introduced the all-new Model 3, the car's first major refresh in 6 years!

Below is the new features  of what's new: 

1. Range has increased 12%  

2.Tesla has changed 50% of the parts on the car. Tesla is also releasing two new colors: Ultra Red and Stealth Gray. 

3.There is now ambient LED lighting in the interior. It looks like a spaceship. 

4. Brand new steering wheel. The center console has been redesigned as well. Tesla now uses real metal when you touch giving a more premium feel. The materials inside the car in general have been improved. 

5. Tesla has achieved a 30% decrease in wind and ambient noise, 25% improvement in impact noise and 20% improvement in road noise. Tesla has added acoustic glass to the rear windows. There is also more sound insulation in the car. There is an uptick in the hood to let wind go over more quietly. 

6. Tesla has upgraded the suspension by fitting new springs and dampers. They've changed the geometry of the front suspension and changed the way they mount the sub frame to the chassis. The tires are also more cushioning. 

7. The main screen is now brighter and more responsive. 

8.The Model 3 rear seats officially have their own screen just like the Model S! 

9. Their front and rear seats are more comfortable. The front seats finally have the ventilation feature! All seats are perforated. 

10.  The new Model 3 is 8% more efficient because it is now the most aerodynamic Tesla. The drag coefficient is 0.219 Cd 

11. The new Model 3 goes on sale in October! 

12. The main screen has slimmer bezels for a more usable screen area. The rear screen is 8 inches. You can control the climate, ventilation, and infotainment from there. 


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