BREAKING Tesla Cars have reduced and slashed prices

BREAKING: The Tesla has removed the Standard Range Model S and Model X in the US and dropped prices up to 19%. The Model X is now eligible for the $7,500 EV tax credit!

New lineup & prices:
• Model S LR: $74,990 (from $88,490)
• Model S Plaid: $89,990 (from $108,490)

• Model X LR: $79,990 (from $98,490)
• Model X Plaid: $89,990 (from $108,490) 

The Tesla is known for its innovation and its 

The new : Tesla is now sending out emails to people in Europe informing them that the refreshed Model 3 has been introduced. 

Because the Model X now starts under $80k ($79,990), it's not only eligible for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit, but it's also now eligible for some state credits! In Colorado you'll be able to get an additional $5,000 off.

New Model X for $67,490 after incentives🤯 

 The cost of a new fully loaded Model X Plaid:

• Mid-2022: $169k

• Sept 2023: $110k

A decrease of ~35%


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